Jackson Township Recycling Station

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Please Separate Items How to Prepare Items
aluminum cans rinse
steel food cans rinse
#1-7 plastics (no number plastics accepted also-call for details) rinse
electronics (computers, fax/printer, etc) call with questions
glass (bottles and jars only) rinse
newspapers and telephone books bagged or bundled
magazines separate from other paper and bagged or bundled
Office paper bagged or bundled - Shredding available for .35¢ lb
computer paper
separate from other paper and bagged or bundled
cardboard (cereal, tissue boxes, etc) separate from corrugated cardboard
corrugated cardboard separate from other cardboard
plastic bags, bubble/shrink wrap separate from other items
metals (we accept all metals) call ahead for instructions
appliances call for other items
electrical wire, pots and pans, radiators, screens, lawn mowers call for other items
tires passenger car/light truck off rims; clean and dry; $5.00 per tire drop-off fee

We do not accept the following:
Batteries, wood, mirrors, ceramics, dishes, glass coffee pots, light bulbs, oil or plastic oil containers, windows, styrofoam food containers, carpet, yard waste (leaves, grass clippings) paint, propane tanks or other hazardous products

Do not drop off items after hours as this is illegal dumping. Anyone caught could be subject to a fine.  Please follow the posted traffic pattern for everyone’s safety.

The Jackson Township Recycle Station is a non-profit organization that exists to provide a convenient place for local residents to recycle.  

Thank you for your support and participation!

Jackson Recycling Station
5717 Wales Avenue NW
Massillon, Ohio 44646

Monday-Friday 9:00-1:00 Closed Wednesday
Saturday 8:00-1:00
Closed Sunday